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Message from the Top Management

Message from the Top Management

Since our establishment in 1939, having set the corporate philosophy of "We shall try to achieve the unlimited potential of technology by developing and improving superior powertrain machinery, and contribute to realizing a clean environment and a sophisticated global society by offering unmatched technologies and products with superior value," we have been supplying powertrain parts, such as piston ring, cylinder liner, sintered products etc. as well as automotive exterior parts, resin and rubber products, which have been highly acknowledged by our valued customers throughout the world.

The mid-term management plan that have started in FY2015 under the slogan of "Innovate & Expand" have finished the final year of the plan with a satisfactory result of 187.3 billion yen in annual sales, a 6.8% increase from previous year, and 12.1 billion yen in the profit attributable to owners of parent last year, with annual sales achieving a historical record high.

Currently the Automobile industry, including TPR, is undergoing a big structural change in the industry to realize a world that is friendly to the environment, to the society, and to the people by providing Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric cars. (i.e. CASE)
As part of the change, we are, more than ever, determined to develop innovations and to further expand globally by integrating a new mid-term management plan starting this fiscal year under the new slogan, "Innovate & Expand/Globally & Speedily." Through this, we will endeavor the next four pillars, 1)Achieve the commanding leading position in powertrain products, 2)Actively develop and expand our new business, 3)Prioritize Safety and Environment, 4)Create the best work environment.

Furthermore, we will continue to strive with a long-term strategic goal of "T&F GOAL 2330" (sales of 230 billion yen and net income of 33 billion yen in FY2023) by joining forces with FALTEC Co., Ltd..

We ask for your continued support in the future.