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TPR Environmental Policy

We, as a conscientious enterprise, clearly recognize our responsibility for and role in protecting the global environment.We endeavor to prevent pollution in all business activities while continuing to tackle environmental issues.

1 Supplying environmentally friendly products
We endeavor to reduce our environmental impact through the design and development of mechanical components that contribute to environmentally friendly power structures, as well as the provision of our products to the world.
2 Conducting environmentally sound business
We make every effort to conserve energy and resources, reduce and recycle waste, control toxic substances,maximize green procurement, and comply with laws and regulations in all our business activities.
3 Participating as a member of society
We pro-actively promote biodiversity and communicate with the local community to earn its trust and understanding.
4 Deepening commitment to environmental activities
All company staff and those of affiliated companies take part in education and awareness programs to help them appreciate the importance of environmental activities and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Environmental Purpose(FY 2020 ~ FY 2023)
  1. Developing environmental products and specifications. Expanding their application.
    1. Complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations and preventing accidents and pollution.
    2. Saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
    3. Reducing incinerated and landfill waste.
    4. Use resources effectively and eliminate waste.
    5. Recycle at least one new resource each year.
    6. Building and operating a mechanism for global green procurement and recycled products.
  2. Promoting communication activities.
    1. Releasing TPR environmental reports.
  3. Raise employee environmental awareness.