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Policy for Shareholder Returns

The fruit of our management activities is to be fairly divided among shareholder, customer and employee according to increase in corporate value to meet shareholders', customers' and employees' trust and expectations.

Our basic dividend policy is to make dividend stably to meet shareholders' expectations according to the increase in corporate value while taking into consideration every term business performance, future investments and other factors.

Based on the dividend policy above, we have taken current term's business trend and financial condition into consideration, and as a way to express our gratitude for the continuous support from our shareholders, we have decided to increase the interim dividend to 27 yen per share, a 1 yen increase from our forecast we announced in May.

As for the annual dividend, it will be 54 yen per share, combined with the expected year-end dividend of 27 yen.

The reserved fund will be used for the future fund such as Research and Development, Capital Expenditure for overseas subsidiaries and Rationalization Investment.

We also established a shareholder benefits program in addition to paying dividends.

Benefits Program for Shareholders

To thank our shareholders, we have set up the following benefits program.

Contents Give shareholders gift certificates for packages of rice on the following basis:
Number of shares held:
100 - 499 :3 kg of rice
500 - 999 :6 kg of rice
1,000 or over :10 kg of rice
  Program is valid for shares held on March 31 each year.
  The gift certificates will be sent after the completion of the general shareholders' meeting at the end of June every year.