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Q What are your main products?

A1. Piston rings

(1) Piston rings are necessary components located between the piston and the cylinder to allow the engine to operate efficiently. Piston rings have four functions:
  1. Sealing the cylinder to maintain pressure
  2. Controlling the amount of lubricant coating
  3. Heat transfer
  4. Supporting the piston inside cylinders
(2) For small automobiles (four cylinders)
Three piston rings per cylinder for a total of 12 rings per vehicle are used.
(3) Piston rings accounted for 35% of consolidated net sales (results for fiscal year ending March, 2007)

Piston rings

A2.Cylinder liners

(1) This is a part with a cylindrical shape that is set in an engine block as part of the cylinder and is an important functional component inside the engine. Cylinder liners have the following three functions:
  1. Forming the sliding surface
  2. Maintaining airtightness
  3. Conducting heat
(2) For small automobiles (four cylinders), four cylinder liners per vehicle are used.
(3) Cylinder liners accounted for 40% of consolidated net sales (results for fiscal year ending March, 2007), and their share has been exceeding the component percentages of piston rings since fiscal year ending March, 2006. These are our top products in sales by item.

Cylinder liners

Q How does research and development of Electric and Fuel Cell car affect to TPR?

TPR forecasts that environment friendly car and engine manufacturing is requirement of the times against reduction of carbon dioxide and the drying up of oil resources. Each car manufacturer is making effort to achieve it and will be made for practical use and commercialized in near future.
Its necessity will be higher especially in developed countries where car manufacturing has almost grown up.
However, TPR considers that high performance of current combustion engine will be proceed for the time being, better fuel efficiency and energy saving engine will be still main engine in market, since there are issues which have to be solved to expand share of advanced cars such as Electric or Fuel Cell car.
We are sure that needs to use cars in the world will continue expanding, so we expect that we have big opportunity to expand our business by our global network as TPR Group established. TPR has currently organized project team which will research, develop and sell the applied products and the new products in house toward future in order to find the way for which our technology can be applied not only for automotive product.

Q Where are the global production bases for your main products?

TPR has production networks anchored in six regions, including Japan. (Asia, Asean, China, Europe, North America, South America)

  Asia Asean China Europe North America South America

Overseas Bases