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Corporate Information

As the core company of the TPR Group, TPR contributes to realizing a clean and sophisticated society as well as meeting the needs of customers around the world through the research and development, manufacture, and marketing of functional engine components.

About TPR

We have changed our company name to TPR from October 1st 2011, in the pursuit of becoming a global corporate group that prevails in the world's markets

Our new name, "TPR", as a first step in corporate innovation to become a flexible, and agile corporate group that can prevail in the world's markets. Taking advantage of this new popular name, we intend to meet your expectations through concerted company wide efforts toward a vision of realizing a clean and high-quality society.

Call us "TPR" from October 1st 2011

Origin of "TPR"
We have chosen this company name because it represents the three keywords of Technology, Passion, and Reliance, which we promote in our corporate philosophy, management policy and action guidelines. The name embodies our resolve to accept the "challenge of creating valuable products with excellent technology and maintaining an unfailing passion to meet the reliance of customers worldwide."

Design of "TPR"

In developing the logo for this popular name, we adopted a powerful design to express universal corporate elements such as stability and reliance, as well as social responsibility. The use of the color red for three initials represents our unfailing passion. The outline of the letters "P" and "R" is emphasized to represent security and stability, and we added the image of core piston ring products from the time of the Company's founding.

Usage of "TPR"

The table below shows how and when to use the official company name (trade name) You may continue using the TP brand mark (trademark) for a part of our products.
The abbreviated stock name has been changed from "TEI-PISTON" or "TEIPIS" to "TPR" as of October 1st, 2004, and we will continue to use it.

In cases where the company name is officially indicated, such as for contractual documents and notifications of permits and licenses or general purposes. The official company name (trade name) shall be used.

In cases where the brand mark (trademark) is indicated on our products, package and so on,besides a part of our products, the official company name (trade name) shall be used.