Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy


With our origins in sophisticated powertrains, we shall try to achieve unlimited potential, and contribute to realizing a clean and high quality global society by offering unmatched technologies and products with superior value.


We will create and meet expectations to win the highest trust of our customers.
We will expand and deepen our technologies to offer world-leading products.
We will develop and learn from people, and realize a meaningful and rewarding workplace together with our employees.


With passion, we see things through to the end.
Challenge with passion. Pursue with passion.
Create with passion. Discuss with passion.

About TPR

About TPR

TPR is derived from the key words Technology, Passion, and Reliance, and these are the values we hold dear in our Corporate Philosophy, management attitude and guiding principles. This reflects our determination that "with unmatched technology and passion we will attempt to create valuable products to answer our customers' reliance on us."

In developing our logo typeface, we adopted a powerful design to express our universal corporate elements of stability and reliance, as well as good faith and steadfastness in meeting our Social responsibilities. The use of the color red represents our unfailing passion. The curvature of the letters "P" and "R" is emphasized to depict peace of mind and stability, and we added the image of our piston ring products which have been with us since the time of the company's founding.

Company Information

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