TPR's Green Procurement

In order to deliver environmentally friendly, highest-quality products to customers, we collaborate with all our suppliers on materials and parts procurement which places a lesser burden on the environment (= Green procurement).

To do so, we ask all our suppliers to investigate that environmentally hazardous substances are not contained, and that they proactively engage in environmental conservation through the consideration items below.

Chemical substances control

  • Substances prohibited by code should not be used in products or manufacturing factories.
  • Substances which have environmental impact concerns should be controlled, and their reduction and elimination should be promoted.

Resource reduction

  • Promote resource reduction by making smaller and lighter, and reducing scrap

Resource re-use

  • Selection and use of recycled materials and recyclable materials.

Simplified disassembly

  • Selection and use of materials which can be easily disassembled down to a re-usable unit.

Energy saving

  • Selection and use of materials that consumed less energy during production and usage.


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