Sustainability Efforts

Basic Approach

TPR Group's Corporate Philosophy is to "contribute to realizing a clean and high quality global society by offering unmatched technologies and products with superior value", and we engage in the resolution of Social challenges.

With the aim of promoting these activities in a systematic manner, we have created a sustainable management promotion structure, and established materiality impacts, and by engaging in this as a company-wide effort, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, as well as aim for continued corporate growth.

Sustainable Management Promotion Structure Sustainable Management Promotion Structure

Promotion Structure for Efforts

Through various meeting forums for environment/quality/safety and by making efforts on various Sustainability challenges, we will establish the "Sustainability Promotion Committee" with the aim of structuring our promotion of these activities, and our actions will be enhanced by setting critical issues and various policies, giving direction on our actions, following-up on activity status, and reporting to the Board Meeting, etc.

Promotion Structure for Efforts

Outline of the Sustainability Promotion Committee

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Committee Chair Chairman & CEO
Membership President & COO, Representative Directors, Responsible Executive Officers
Frequency As a rule, twice per year

Establishment of Priority matters (Materiality)

Regarding Sustainability priority matters (materiality), they are set by the process below, and the whole company thoroughly engages in them.

Materiality Establishment Process

  • Leveraging the 17 goals of the SDGs, each Division will set its KPIs in conjunction with the secretariat.
  • For the KPIs set in STEP 1, carry out mapping based on importance to TPR and importance to stakeholders, to judge each item's criticality, to identify the materiality.
  • Propose the identified materiality to the Sustainability Promotion Meeting for approval.


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E Provide products/services that contribute to realizing a clean and high-quality regional community
Promote monozukuri that is considerate to the Earth's environment
S Realize a workplace that develops people, learns from people and is rich in diversity, and contribute to the regional community
Provide high-quality products/services that meet customers' expectations and trust
G Enhance a fair and highly transparent governance system
Risk management for continuity of business that is globally robust and stable


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