Promoting Diversity and Respecting Human Rights

Promoting Diversity and Respecting Human Rights

TPR aims to have a corporate culture where every employee can show their individuality whilst contributing to the company. We have prohibited discrimination and harassment, and totally prohibit any actions which give psychological harm through language that invades a person's personality or respect, such as discrimination, sexual harassment or power harassment related to beliefs, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, origins, physical or mental disabilities.

Also, we try to make our company invigorating so that diverse people can work and perform energetically, so that persons of overseas nationality or with disabilities, as well as those who are senior can continue working, and find the work rewarding, to which end, we work on various aspects to put that workplace in effect.

Specific Efforts

  • Same work, same pay
  • Promoting recruitment of disabled people
  • Continued employment for senior employees
  • Scheme for fixed contract employees to become regular employees


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