Procurement Commodities

In order to provide environmentally friendly products, we source the following commodities with the cooperation of all our suppliers.

We invite applications for these commodities


Raw materials

Pig iron for sintering
Steel scrap
Cobalt / Nickel / Copper / Metal chromium
Phosphorus iron / Ferrochromium / Ferromanganese / Ferrosilicon / Ferromolybdenum
Ferro niobium / Ferro boron
Casting furnace material / Casting sand / Bentonite
Metal dust for sintering

Fats and oils / gases

Kerosene / Light oil / Heavy oil / Gasoline / Propane gas / Nitrogen gas / Argon gas

Industrial chemicals

Grinding oil / Anti-rust oil caustic soda / Chromic acid anhydride / Sulfuric acid / Hydrochloric acid / Surface treatment chemicals

Packaging materials

Decorative boxes / Cardboard boxes / Anti-rust paper / Laminate paper / Labels / Vinyl bags / Printed goods


Specialist blades

Tool tips / Grinding tools


Grinding whetstones / Cutting whetstones

Polishing materials


Manufacturing outsourcing

Tooling / Jigs

Piston ring tooling, piston ring jigs, metal dust sintering product tooling and metal dust sintering product jigs


Office goods

General office goods

Work goods

Gloves, nitrile latex gloves, rags, arm covers, etc.

  • For tooling / jigs, we source piston ring tooling, piston ring jigs, metal dust sintering product tooling, metal dust sintering product jigs, etc.
  • In particular, for metal dust sintering products tooling, we are seeking new supplier(s).


Please feel free to get in touch about
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