Disclosure Policy

Basic policy for information disclosure

In compliance with code and corporate ethics, our company will disclose information relating to our business strategies and financial status, etc. to all stakeholders, starting with out shareholders/investors, so that our company can be correctly understood and evaluated, in a timely, accurate and fairly manner.

Standard for information disclosure

In additional to those items where disclosure is defined by the timely disclosure rules defined by code and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter, the "timely disclosure rules"), we will voluntarily and proactively disclose information thought to be meaningful for all stakeholders starting with shareholders/investors.

Information disclosure method

Information disclosure in accordance with the timely disclosure rules are released via the timely disclosure information communication system (TD-net) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, disclosure documents such as Financial Statement Report are released via the electronic disclosure system (EDINET) of the Financial Services Agency.

Information that falls outside the timely disclosure rules and related code etc. but is judged to be meaningful to understand our company will be quickly disclosed via our company's website, etc.

Our approach to future forecasting

Of the information disclosed by our company, information relating to future forecasts/estimates are our company's judgment based on the information available at the time the information is prepared.

Therefore, due to various factors in actual performance, the results may differ to these forecasts/estimates.

Period of silence

To assure fairness, our company deems the period from the day after the closing of the accounts (including for quarters) to the day the accounts are announced as a "period of silence", and we will refrain from answering any comments, questions, etc. regarding the accounts. However, even if within a period of silence, if an event that requires disclosure due to the relevant code or timely disclosure rules should arise, we will disclose information as appropriate.

IR Information

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