Shareholder Returns Policy

Shareholder Returns Policy

Results gained through business activities are fairly distributed to shareholders, customers and employees in response to an increase in corporate value, to meet their trust and expectation.

Taking each fiscal period's business results and investment etc. for continuous growth into account, our basic policy is stable dividends to meet shareholders expectations in line with corporate value increase.

With regard to dividends for the year ending March 2023, on December 9th 2022 an interim dividend of 30 yen per share was given, and the end of year dividend of 28yen per share was given on June 9th 2023. As a result, this year's dividend amount is 58 yen per share.

With regard to internal reserves, the plan is to allot funds for the future, such as research and development investment, overseas location expansion investment, rationalization investment, etc.

Also, other than the dividend return to shareholders, we provide a corporate distribution of gifts to shareholders.

Corporate distribution of gifts to shareholders

In gratitude for the patronage by all our shareholders, we provide the following corporate distribution of gifts.

Content of gifts

Rice vouchers are presented in accordance with the criteria below

Rice voucher

Number of shares held Gift presented
Coming soon Coming soon

Eligible shareholders

Shareholder on the reference date (March 31st every year)

Timing for sending the voucher

The vouchers are sent when the invitation notices for the regular general meeting of the shareholders are sent (early June every year).

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