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Chairman & CEO Hiroshi Suehiro

Aiming to realize a clean, high quality
global society

Chairman & CEOHiroshi Suehiro

Since our establishment in 1939, the TPR Group has realized sustainable growth by building a production and sales network across our six-region global operation, based on our Corporate Philosophy: "with our origins in sophisticated powertrains, we shall try to achieve unlimited potential, and contribute to realizing a clean and high quality global society by offering unmatched technologies and products with superior value."

By providing our unique powertrain products - which include Piston Rings, Cylinder Liners, and sintered products - at low cost and leading the way in technological development and value, we contribute to "the manufacture of environmentally friendly engines" that are lightweight and fuel efficient. Additionally, our provision of automotive exterior parts, resins, and rubber parts as a result of continued business diversification has received high praise from customers worldwide.

The automotive industry is in an era of great change. The business environment is changing significantly, with COVID-19 altering the economy and society, the emergence of environmental and energy challenges on a global scale, and the demands placed on businesses have continued to diversify.
To overcome such a difficult business environment, the management policies contained in the 23 Mid Term Management Plan launched in April 2020 will be executed, we will accelerate the opening-up of New Fields adapting our core technologies, and, leveraging our unmatched technological capabilities, global monozukuri strengths and broad network with our customers, our company will come together as one to realize and contribute to continuous growth and a sustainable society.

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