Our Approach to the Environment

Environmental Policy

As a good corporate citizen we recognize our role and responsibility to the global environment. Through all of our business activities we will work to prevent pollution, and engage proactively and continuously with environmental challenges.

  1. Our Technology
    By providing mechanism parts design/development and products that contribute to the realization of powertrains with little environmental impact, we will engage in reducing the burden on the environment.
  2. Realizing environmentally-friendly business activities
    For all business activities, we have always complied with code etc., and will engage in energy savings, resource savings, reduction in and conversion of waste into resources, control of harmful substances and green sourcing.
  3. As a company employee
    To obtain the reliance and empathy of society, we will proactively engage in communication activities and biodiversity.
  4. Realizing better environmental activities
    By carrying out education/training activities for all employees and affiliated companies, we will engage in boosting awareness of the criticality of environmental activities and observance of the law.

Environmental Goals (FY2020~2023)

  1. Develop and expand the application of products/specifications that support the environment.
    • Comply with operating environmental code etc., and prevent accidents/pollution, etc.
    • Engage in energy savings and Reduce CO2 Emissions (Output Level).
    • Reduce volume of waste (output level). *Volume of waste = incinerated volume + landfill volume
    • Use resources effectively and reduce waste (reduce usage of critical resources)
    • Every year, Increase Recycled Materials by 1 or more.
    • Promote global green sourcing/green deliveries.
  2. Enhance Communication Activities.
    • Disclose TPR environmental reports.
  3. Heighten employees' environmental awareness.


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