Procurement Management

Procurement Policy

TPR aims for the highest quality monozukuri and realization of a sustainable society, and, in cooperation with all our suppliers, we take the following points into consideration in our sourcing activities.

Mutual Growth based on Mutual Reliance

Through fair trading, we aim to build a relationship of reliance with all our suppliers, and mutual growth.

Legal Compliance

For our company's procurement activities, we will comply with relevant code and Social norms, and we ask all our suppliers to comply with relevant code/Social norms in the region where they conduct their business activities.
Also, information provided to us, whether it leads to a business relationship or not, is treated confidentially.

Environmentally-Friendly Procurement (Green Procurement)

We produce/provide products that are environmentally-friendly, and to do so, we are focused on sourcing which places a lesser burden on the environment, for materials and parts used in our products.

To our Suppliers

For the sourcing of raw materials for products, products/parts, production facilities, tooling, etc., TPR welcomes proactive proposals from suppliers' rich specialist knowledge and knowhow, taking price, cost reduction, quality, delivery, supply, technology, management foundation and green procurement into account.


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