Reduce Critical Material Usage

Effort Status

  • With our environmental goal to "use resources effectively and reduce waste", to protect water resources we are working toward a goal of water usage output level reduction of 30% against FY2013 levels by 2030.
  • Our company uses both well water and public city water, and we are reducing the amount of both types of water used. We have a lot of surface treatment equipment which uses a lot of water for washing purposes. As production volumes vary, our reduction target is set as an output level.
  • Surface treatment water is treated with counteragents, etc. before being drained into the sewerage system. By reducing the amount of water we use, it protects the environment and saves on expenses, too.
  • FY2021 results saw an increase compared to the prior FY which saw a major impact due to COVID-19, however, overall there is a reducing trend. Output level reductions show an improving trend for each factory, which is particularly notable for the year at Nagano Factory, and the 30% reduction target was achieved.

Nagano Factory, Gifu Factory and TPR Industry water usage volume

Nagano Factory water usage volume and output level

Gifu Factory water usage volume and output level

TPR Industry water usage volume and output level


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