Promote Green Procurement/Green Delivery

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We promote green procurement, green delivery.

Green Pocurement

To deliver high-quality products that are environmentally-friendly to our customers, TPR collaborates with all our suppliers to source materials and parts (= "green procurement") which place a lower burden on the environment.

To do so, we ask all our suppliers to investigate whether environmentally hazardous substances are contained or not, and ask that they engage proactively in environmental conservation through the consideration items below.

Chemical substances control

  • Substances prohibited by code should not be used in products or manufacturing factories.
  • Substances which have environmental impact concerns should be controlled, and their reduction and elimination should be promoted.

Resource reduction

  • Promote resource reduction by making smaller and lighter, and reducing scrap

Resource re-use

  • Selection and use of recycled materials and recyclable materials.

Simplified disassembly

  • Selection and use of materials which can be easily disassembled down to a re-usable unit.

Energy saving

  • Selection and use of materials that consume less energy during production and usage.

Green Delivery

  • Control of chemical substances
    In line with customers' requests, we can report with IMDS*¹ or JAPIA sheet*² regarding chemical substances in products.
    In addition to domestic code such as the Chemical Inspection Law and Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law, and international regulations such as the European ELV Directive*³, GADSL*⁴ and REACH regulations*⁵, we can provide investigation reports into whether chemical substances are contained or not inside a product in accordance with the customer's environmental hazardous substances control standard.
  • IMDS(International Material Data System)
    International material information communication system between automotive manufacturers and suppliers.
  • JAPIA sheet
    Document that aims to communicate material information, managed by JAPIA (Japan Auto Parts Industries Association).
  • European End-of-Life Vehicles Directive
    EU Directive to reduce the environmental burden caused by used vehicles.
  • GADSL(Global Automotive Declarable Substance List)
    A automotive industry-wide unified chemical substances control list.
    A list of harmful chemical substances included in vehicles generated by GASG (Global Automotive Stakeholders Group), an international body for self-control of automotive industry chemical substances.
  • REACH Regulations(Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)
    An EU regulation relating to the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances, with the aim of protecting human health and the environment, and maintaining and improving European scientific industrial competitiveness.


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