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Quality Policy

Corporate philosophy

We shall try to achieve the unlimited potential of technology by developing and improving superior powertrain machinery,and contribute to realizing a clean environment and a sophisticated global society by offering unmatched technologies and products with superior value.

Quality policy

We continuously seek the highest quality and strive to improve customer's reliance and satisfaction to TPR Group by creating the best, fastest and cheapest way possible all over the world.

Quality Targets (Quality objectives for FY2015-FY2017)

  1. Increase customer satisfaction
  2. Customer claims: zero
  3. Improvement of product quality
  4. Improvement of operation processes

Quality Awards ①  〔 2014/2013 〕

We were awarded "Quality Excellence Award" and "Cost Improvement Excellence Award" from Toyota Motor Corporation in February 2014. These awards are the highest award of Toyota.

Quality Awards ②

We were awarded "Japan Regional Quality Award" from Nissan Motor Corporation, Just 3 companies received this award among 202 suppliers in 2013.

Quality Awards ③

We were awarded "Quality Excellence Award" from Daihatsu Motor Corporation in April 2013. This award is the second highest quality award of Daihatsu.