Aluminum Brake Drum

Our company possesses centrifugal casting technology, particularly outer circumference specialist cast skin (spiny: mushrooming protrusions) for automotive Cylinder Liners, and, using this technology, we aim to reduce the weight of drum brakes which are used in many automotive rear wheels, and have developed the Aluminum Brake Drum.

Aluminum Brake Drum

Aluminum Brake Drum


Aluminum in-casting of spiny ring castings gives an Aluminum Brake Drum that features a strong joint with aluminum and high heat conduction.

Expected benefits are

  1. Weight reduction: compared to current cast Brake Drums (1.5L class), approximately 35% weight reduction is realized.
  2. Cooling performance improvement: Better exothermicity compared to regular Drums that are enveloped with cast skin.
  3. Assurance of true circle shape: Beneficial for brake noise and judder reduction.


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