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Powertrain Parts Valve seats The valve seats has the function of a contact surface with the engine valve.It contacts with the intake and exhaust valves to keep the combustion chamber airtight.

For materials used in production of sintered alloy valve seats, TPR breaks down particles using our proprietary special alloy powder. Featuring an excellent balance of heat resistance,wear-resistance, and compatibility with valves , TPR provides sintered alloy products that are compatible with all engines, including diesel, gasoline, and Gas fuels such as LPG and CNG for either two or four wheel vehicles.
valve seats

For gasoline engines


Valve seats for gasorine engine require excellent heat conductivity and must be inexpensive, strong and easy to be machined.TPR's valve seats can be used in eco-friendly engines with high output and good fuel efficiency at the lowest cost.

For diesel engines


Valve seats for diesel engine require excellent wear-resistance,heat conductivity, and strength for both intake and exhaust valves.
Our valve seats are widely used in diesel engines.

For gas engines


Gases such as CNG and LPG are listed as alternative fuels, and the operating environment becomes severe in terms of heat.
TPR's valve seats for gas engines have excellent wear-resistance properties under high temperatures and have been used in various vehicles with gas engines.

For alcohol fuel engines

For alcohol fuel engine

Alcohol fuel engines have an environment in which metal contact around the valve is likely to occur due to the small amount of combustion products.
Therefore, the usage environment of the valve seat is strict.
Our original technology of depositing an oxide film on the surface of the material makes it possible to ensure sufficient wear resistance even in harsh environments.
It is mainly used in alcohol-fueled vehicles such as FFV.